Technical Information

Note: please check with the Capitol Theatre’s Facility Manager or Technical Manager for changes and updates.


 General Information

Technical Services:

Tom Savage



Theatre Manager:

Julia Galli

519-973-1238 ext. 3


Box Office:

Ellie Hastings

519-973-1238 ext. 2


Emergency Numbers:


All emergencies dial 9-911

Hospital Emergency Room: Windsor Regional Hospital, 1030 Ouellette Ave., 519-973-4411 ext. 3440

24 Hour Pharmacy: Shoppers Drug Mart, 500 Tecumseh Rd. E., 519-253-1115


Taxi Service:

Veteran Cab: 519-256-2621

Checker Cab: 519-254-7777


Airport Shuttle Service:

VIP Shuttle (Windsor & Detroit): 519-974-4948

Robert Q (Detroit & Toronto): 1-800-265-4948



Management – Pentastar Theatre

Access: located on Pelissier Street.

Telephones: phones are available to use in the main office.

Green Room: Located on the second floor, stage left. Seats 15 people, has 2 bathrooms.

Stage Manager Station: Located at stage right on stage.  Equipped with 2 channel Clearcom, programme sound & paging system, and monitor video.

Handicapped Access: check with Theatre Manager


Intercom System: 2 Channel Clearcom systems can be supplied to all production areas

10 single channel belt packs

10 headsets

2 speaker boxes


Programme Sound & Paging System:

Lobby and backstage channels

Paging from backstage right, stage manager station, and tech table in the middle of the                           house.

Programme sound and paging in all dressing rooms.


Policies: House opens ½ hour prior to curtain time.  Normal curtain time is 7:00pm.  The building is a smoke free environment.


Power Disconnects:

Located USL – 100A 3 phase. Cam-Lock connectors, and direct power (bare lead tails) tie-ins require 2 weeks advance notice and will incur additional fees.

30/50 amp stove plugs. Upstage right and downstage left



Seating: Permanent raked seating – 632 seats

Load-In Area: Located stage right – entrance from Pelissier Street (one way heading north)

Able to accommodate: (need info)

Stage Dimensions:

Proscenium: 48’ wide x 21’ high; stage is 30’ deep from proscenium to backwall

Wing Space: Stage right wing 10’w x 30’d; Stage left wing 10’w x 30’d

Grid Height: Stage deck to gridiron 56’

Stage Floor: Sprung wood covered by black battleship linoleum on stage.  Screwing and painting not allowed.

Thrust: 15’d at center and 9’d at SL & SR ends.


Main House Curtain: Red guillotine

Manual line operation – for guillotine SR deck or SR fly gallery

Legs: black velour – 3 sets: 23’ x 10’ and midstage traveller

Leg #1 is dead hung on track ,

Midstage traveler can be used as leg

Legs 2  and 4  can have fullness  tied in or no  fullness

Borders: black velour – 5 pcs: 10’ x 50’, no fullness

Traveller(s): black velour – 23’ x 50’, sewn in fullness

Cyclorama: Filled scrim 25’ x 50’

Line Set Data:

Line Plot: See appendix A

Working Height of Battens: High Trim – 54’; Low Trim – 3’

Arbor Capacity: Maximum load 1,000 lbs per pipe

Loading Gallery: Loading gallery SR 50’

Fly Gallery: Line sets operated from SR gallery; 24’ above deck.  Access from stairs SR.

Some linesets dedicated to roof panels

Some lineset limited in fly hight due to roof panels.


Support Areas:

Crossover: Understage

Access: from audience – SL & SR stairs

from front of house – down 1 flight of stairs to backstage


(House lighting plot – available upon request)


House Lights: Controls located in the Lighting Control Booth, and back of house.

Control :Electronic Theatre Controls              Insight 3xconsole , edmx nodes

Dimmers: ETC dimmers, 3 racks


Lighting Circuits:

1st front of house slot – 35 circuits

Balcony Rail – 4 circuits

Stage level (proscenium wall) – Stage right 6 circuits stage left 6 circuits

Stage level (US wall) – 6 circuits

Stage LX’s 1st – 30 circuits

Overstage – 9  socapex 54 dimmers

Cyclights 6×3 cell strand cyclights

2 followspots

40 source 4 leko’s 575 (various degrees 19/26/36/50),

28 1k fresnels,


24 source 4 pars

4 I-cues,

4 750 S4’s,



2 single Gobo rotators, 2 double Gobo rotators (fee applies)

Library of Gobo’s

4 iris’

Assortment of extension cables, two-fers and convertors, 5 pin – 3 pin

Assortment of standard Rosco and Lee colour filters





Mixing Console: Soundcraft Venue II  on mainfloor 50’

24 input processing channels – 24 mono

5 auxs

8 subs

2 matrix

48 channel split snake

2 ashley EQs 3102’s



House Speakers:  Hanging

: 2 meyer USB 15” subs

8 meyer UPA-1’s

Stage Infills: 2 UAW’s



Various Compressors, limiters effects



6 EV Passive

3 Ashley 3102 EQ’s

1 DBX  2 channel EQ

1 Ashley 2001FTX amp

2 QSC 2 channel PLX2402 amps



QSC, Crest & Ashley


Playback and recording:

CD burner, CD player, DVD player



2 – Beta 58

2 – Beta 57

1 – Shure 58

2 – Shure 81

2 – PZM floor mics

1 – Shot gun mic

6 – Sennheiser wireless EW 500 receivers

5 – Sennheiser lavaliers

5 – Sennheiser handhelds

6 – Shure wireless SC4 Receiver with 5 body packs and 1 handheld (sm58)



Direct Input:

4 – DI Boxes

Some ¼ to ¼ / ⅛  to- stereo rca /

various adaptors

XLR & Neutric NL4 cables




Data Projector:

Christie 60+/5300 Lumens


Screens: (need info)



2 – 9” black and white monitors for production areas





Orchestra Shell (fee applies)

Piano: Baldwin 9’ Grand Piano (fee applies)

Chairs: 50 black

75 Music stands

3 Guitar stands

Above is available upon request



Podium with reading light available upon request


Miscellaneous Equipment:

Upright Lift Genie AWP-30