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4th Wall: Music at Play

October 17, 2021 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm | Pentastar – in Capitol Theatre

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Organizer: 4th Wall Music

Music that stimulates your senses, draws you in, fires you up, enhances the world around you, focuses your attention…. Are you thinking Minecraft or Mozart? With fingers poised on the buttons of “Past” and “Future” 4th Wall Music along with EZY Mode Esports Lounge (https://www.ezymode.ca/) explores classical chamber music’s place in the world of video game music. Featuring live music and live gaming.

Music at Play- video game/ classical- Program Details

Performers: Michele Dumoulin- violin, Natasha Penny- violin, Florin Simioanca- viola, Peter Wiebe- cello

Guest Speaker/insight- Stephen Chowtee (Co-Founder EZY Mode Café)

  • Mario Brother’s Theme song – Koji Kondo
  • “Overture to Marriage of Figaro”-  W.A. Mozart
  • “Legend of Zelda Theme” – Koji Kondo, arr. Sherry Lewis
  • In the Hall of the Mountain King – Edvard Grieg
  • “Korobeiniki, The Tetris Theme”- Nikolay Nekrasov
  • “Sonata V” – John Cage
  • Piano/ video interplay with Breath of the Wild – Hajimi Wkai
  • Genshin Impact, “Moon in One’s Cup” –  Yu-Peng Chen, arr. Teabag duo
  • “Cathedral Englouti” –  Claude Debussy
  • Smash Bros. Medly – Shogo Sakai, Nobuo Uematsu, Junichi Nakatsuru, Hideki Sakamoto
  • “Quartet No.3, “Mishima” IV –  Phillip Glass
  • “Destiny- Deep Stone Lullaby” –  Michael Salvatori, Skye Lewin, Michael Sechrist
  • “Halo Theme Song” –  Michael Salvatori