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Posted by YourWindsor on Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Open House August 2018

ON AT ARTCITE (located in the Capitol Theatre Complex – East of Main Theatre)


“IT RESONATES – Christos Pantieras (Ottawa, ON)”
July 6 – August 10, 2018

Opening Reception: Friday, July 6, 7 pm at Artcite Inc. with artist in attendance
Artcite Gallery Hours: Tues – Sat, 12:00 – 5:00 pm

Words today are infinitely produced. Words are detritus. Words are additive as they pile up. Words are recycled, repurposed, and reclaimed. Words are both physical and material that can be inserted into the environment and engaged. Words are temporary, reshaped, shoveled, hoarded, molded, and discarded quickly. Words are treated by their material qualities as what they weigh has gained value over what they mean. (Goldsmith, Kenneth. Uncreative Writing: Managing Language in the Digital Age. New York: Columbia University Press, 2011.)

Christos Pantieras explores how we communicate and what lingers in our bid to initiate, achieve, and/or maintain an intimate connection online. The works in It Resonates uses words as a material and transforms the digital into the physical through analog processes. Text messages and emails are reimaged into works on paper, sculptures, and an installation that address themes of melancholy, loss, and missed connections. When communication breaks, what is the ongoing story that resonates? Is it ever truly over?

I Keep Coming Back To You is a group of twenty-one sheets of carbon paper that have been fed through a typewriter and impressed with email correspondences expressing regret. Individual letters are typed repeatedly across the page tearing into the paper and shifting the legibility of one’s remorse downwards. The remaining works are composed of thousands of letters that have been individually cast in concrete to then be sorted, stacked, arranged, and piled. Say What You Mean is a heap of letters that have been embedded with an old industrial grade broom and accompanied by a bucket filled with water. The work references whether one is true to their word. Tucked in the corner is Tread Lightly, composed of 44 rows of letters that have been individually placed to reveal the statement: “I’m not supposed to be going where I’m treading with you”. This response is sourced from a text message that indicates an individual’s intent that is clearly out of the boundaries of his current relationship.

The other half of the gallery the artist asks: “Am I Worth It?”. Presented as a large scale installation that covers the floor of the gallery, visitors are invited to walk upon and directly interact with the work. Thousands of letters tile the floor and sand is used to fill the crevices between the letters and to pile up against the walls. Seven words push up from the surface to form the declaration: “I’m not willing to make the effort”. Here, Pantieras puts emphasis on the finality of a relationship which was communicated through text message. We get the opportunity to not only bear witness to the end but to experience how a few words can leave a lasting impression. An essay written by Marie-Hélène Leblanc accompanies this installation.


Christos Pantieras is an Ottawa-based artist who explores the frailty of personal connections through installation, sculpture, and mixed media. He holds a BFA from the University of Ottawa and an MFA from York University, where his research was supported by the Canada Graduate Scholarship and the Susan Crocker and John Hunkin Award in Fine Arts. Pantieras’ work has been recognized with grants from the Ontario Arts Council and the City of Ottawa. Select past exhibitions include The Ottawa Art Gallery (Ottawa), Modern Fuel ARC (Kingston), Circa-Art Actuel (Montreal), and AXENEO7 (Gatineau).

Thank you to all our volunteers that make the Capitol Theatre possible.

The Capitol Theatre is excited to host an array of thirteen youth-focused events over twenty-seven days this April through June. We will have 8,000 students coming in and out of the building, with nearly 6,000 in attendance and an estimated 2,160 performing onstage. Events such as WSO Education Concerts, Windsor Dance eXperience performances, and Education Arts Canada’s performance of Red’s in the Hood will not only entertain but provide an important arts presence in the lives of Windsor youth. The festivities kick off today at the Capitol Theatre with Music Fest Windsor 2018!


By Youth and For Youth Performances – Spring at the Capitol

April 4-6          MusicFest Windsor

April 8             UWindsor SoCA: Wood Wind Ensemble

April 11-13      WSO Education Concert: Grades 4-6

April 20-29      Arts Collective Theatre: Dreamgirls

April 21           WSO Concert for Kids! With the Wind Quintet

May 3-4          WSO Education Concert: Grades 7-12

May 7             Music Monday: Livestream

May 8             Education Arts Canada: Red’s in the Hood

May 10-13      Windsor Dance eXperience: Golden Apples

May 13           WSYO: Spring Concert

May 15           Kiwanis Music Festival: Awards Ceremony

May 16           Academie Ste. Cecile School: Spring Concert

June 1-3         Windsor Dance eXperience: The Valkyrie


The show must go on!
As of Feb 9th 12:00pm: The Lonely: Celebrating the Music of Roy Orbison event is still on.
Lobby doors will open at 6:30pm (seating at 7pm) for patrons who wish to come early. Drive Safe!
(Any Capitol event cancellations will be posted on Facebook, Capitol Website, and sent in an email to ticket purchasers).

Job Posting: Windsor Symphony Orchestra Education and Outreach Manager


In consultation with the Director of Operations and Music Director, plan and implement all aspects of the WSO’s education and outreach programs including youth concerts, school concerts, community concerts, ensemble programs, and lecture-demonstrations by guest composers and performers.

Assess effectiveness of each activity. In conjunction with schools and other partners, update and develop all materials used in teacher training, volunteer training and student preparation for education programs.

Oversee the work of any outside contractors in the development of these materials. Coordinate and oversee occasional placement students and volunteers.

With the support of the Manager of Marketing, Communications and Sales, design and implement an annual marketing and group sales plan for all education and outreach programs including the production and distribution of brochures, newsletters, flyers and advertisements as necessary.

Cultivate and maintain professional relationships with local school districts, colleges and other educational/civic institutions; In conjunction with Music Director, act as a spokesperson for the WSO in education matters.

Provide operational support to Windsor Symphony Youth Orchestra working in collaboration with the Assistant conductor.

Work closely with the Executive Director and other designated staff and/or the Board of Directors and the Education Committee in long-range planning.

Artistic Planning Assist the Executive Director, Music Director and Board in establishing appropriate education and outreach goals for the WSO.

Develop programs and plans for achieving those goals in consultation with the Music Director; the Executive Director, the Assistant Conductor, and the Director of Operations.

Work with Assistant Conductor to develop effective Community Concert programs that advance the mission of the WSO.


For complete listing please visit

The Windsor Symphony Orchestra celebrated 70 years of making music in the community on June 9,  2017 at The Beat Goes On birthday bash. Did you know that in its incorporated history, the WSO has only had six conductors or music directors? Two, Matti Holli and Laszlo Gati, have sadly passed away. Conductor emeritus John Morris Russell could not come to the event, but we managed to capture four past music directors: Dwight Bennett () and Susan Haig () with Associate Conductor WSO and Conductor, WSYO Peter Wiebe, WSO Chorus Conductor Bruce Kotovich, and our Music Director Robert Franz catching up and comparing notes.

L-R Dwight Bennett, Peter Wiebe, Susan Haig, Robert Franz

Dwight Bennett and Peter Wiebe exchanging tech info

L-R: Dwight Bennett, Peter Wiebe, Susan Haig, Robert Franz, Bruce Kotovich